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How to Win Child Custody: 7 Easy Steps Anyone Can Take

When parents fight over custody, these battles usually split along gender lines since mothers typically care for children more than fathers do-and now, more than ever, that is changing. Fathers, especially, are becoming more involved in their children’s lives than they were in the past, and this is great. But when both parents fight for custody, it’s often difficult for them to reach common ground. The first step in making custody a battle of equals is for parents to win on the best parenting plan possible, and if parents can’t agree on the basics, they may have a hard time agreeing on much else.

Child custody battles can be some of your life’s most confusing and stressful ordeals, which is why most people tend to approach it with the help of a family law lawyer. No matter the situation, sometimes it can be necessary to file a child custody case to prove to the court that the child’s best interests will be served. Below, learn about 7 easy steps to win a child custody battle.

Behave Responsibly

Your custody battle is going to require you to work hard to prove to the court that you are the best parent. This will require your close attention to detail and some strong parenting skills. You have to show that you are a responsible parent and can provide your children with the support they need to flourish. The courts don’t always put children’s needs first. No matter what, you must behave responsibly. Do not badmouth your ex and avoid a weapon or drug situation.

In-Home Evaluation

The custodial parent will want to convince the court that the parent seeking custody is unfit. There are many ways a parent can prove this to the court. You can request an in-home evaluation. An in-home evaluation can take many forms. For instance, you may want to undergo an in-home evaluation to see if the parent has signs of alcohol or substance abuse. Or you may choose to have a therapist come to your home to conduct an in-home evaluation.

Always be Consistent and Available

Winning custody of your child(ren) can be a long process, so all of you must remain consistent and available throughout the duration. This will make it easier for the Judge to make a decision that is in their best interest, and if you’re being pushy and impatient this could reflect in the end decision.

Willing to Relocate

If you want to win custody of your child, you need to be willing to relocate, whether moving within the city or state where custody is currently located or flying across the country. Both types of relocation have a substantial impact, and both need to be handled with care.

Cooperating with Your Ex

Child custody battles, even years after a divorce, can cause lasting damage to the lives of children. Trying to figure out what’s best for your little one is hard, and the courts don’t always know what’s in their own best interests either. Fortunately, there are things you can do to give your child the best possible outcome. First, do what you can to maintain a cordial relationship with your ex, even if it means less communication (which even judges appreciate). Second, don’t put your child in the middle of a custody battle. If you have major concerns, you can always ask the court to step in, but set a good example for your child by letting them see you resolve your own issues without involving them.

Obey the Court

Child custody is a big issue in many divorces, and courts want to make decisions based on the child’s best interests. This means if one parent has a history of abusing drugs or alcohol, the court will almost always rule that the other parent should get custody of the child. This case also stands similarly valid to absconding parents who avoid being present for the proceedings. Such cases will warrant the need to hire Bond Rees Detectives or similar professionals to locate the parent, which is counterproductive to acquiring legal custody of the child.
The court has to decide if giving custody to that parent is in the child’s best interest. If you do have problems with alcohol, the courts want to be sure you’re serious about getting help. So, make sure you attend all court-ordered treatment or counseling.

Work with an experienced family law attorney

The divorce process can be complex, emotional, and overwhelming. When you’re working it all out, without legal help, you may make decisions that will hurt you in the long run. An experienced family law attorney who has specialization in child custody in Washington state (or wherever you are located) can ensure your rights are protected and you get the custody arrangement you need.

Being involved in a family law case can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have child custody issues to worry about. It is one of the hardest issues for the courts to deal with, and it can be difficult to know the best way to work with the person you hire to protect your rights as a parent. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation to this, it’s vital to contact a law attorney for guidance and help.

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