About our site

Have you ever felt intimidated by the legal system in your city, state, or country? The Law, as people like to call it, can be scary no doubt, especially if you’re just a regular joe. Having to deal with contracts, courts, and lawyers can be tough if you don’t understand or speak legalese. However, what if you could not only understand the legal and financial system but also use it to your advantage? That was the initial seed that spawned Davis and Leonard.

Our blog is here to simplify the world of legal jargon and financial equations into understandable layspeak, giving you the power to take control of your own life.

About Andrew

Since a young age, Andrew Davis was a master at languages. Growing up to be a polyglot, he put his talents to use as a successful independent practitioner, providing justice and compensation for hundreds of clients over the course of his career.

Today he has left the courtroom and started a legal consultancy. There, he provides valuable advice regarding key aspects of the legal system and finding success in law to budding lawyers and regular people alike. In service of the same idea, he started this blog.

About Paul

Known as the “numbers guy” in every office that he has worked in, Paul Leonard has won many accolades in pecuniary circles. He has specialized in working for the financial side of many law firms, and hopes to start his own company in the future.

An enthusiastic go-getter, he utilizes his free time by acquiring complex knowledge about the world of finance, then simplifying it into digestible content for this blog.